Monday, March 19, 2007


Je Suis Libre

What is Je Suis Libre? Je Suis Libre means I am free in French.... Je Suis Libre is a magazine that is all about freedom and the journey of liberation for women, women of color especially. For so many years women period have been belittled. Women are dismissed in politics, religion, education, sexuality, and not just in the United States. Women have been dismissed worldwide since the beginning of time. As far as the woman of color , Je Suis Libre is here to bury her stereotypes. The woman of color is beautiful, intelligent, classy, exciting, extraordinary, and she definitely has something to say. She’s not afraid to say it. Why? Because she doesn’t have to be. She is free as a bird. So if you would like to join her on her journey of freedom and experience her domain then subscribe to Je Suis Libre Magazine.

Freely Yours,
Je Suis Libre Magazine
Formally Known As Earth Tones Magazine
Glennisha S. Morgan